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Gear Oil – GeorgeCo SpecR53 Blog If you just want to check the fill, work with the transmission cold and remove just the top plug. You should be able to stick the tip of your little finger ...

Manual Transmission Gear Oil Change - manual transmission gear oil DIY service and fluid replacement-mk4 VW-Audi DIY drain and refill manual transmission gear oil for Jetta, New beetle, Golf (4th generation cars and similar Audi) This article shows how to change your manual transmission gear oil on VW TDI Jetta.. The average cost for a manual transmission fluid change is between $67 and $117. Labor costs are estimated between $35 and $45 while parts are priced between $32 and $72. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.. Oct 13, 2011  · Since then I've put 75K miles on the car and the transmission is shifting just fine (due for another oil change in the next year of so). More recently, I bought a '94 Impreza sedan with a much more definite "crunch" shifting in the lower gears..

NOTE 4: 2008 - 2009 Service diesel vehicles with Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid NOTE 6: For total fluid change add 27mL of XL-18, MT-82 Transmission Additive COMMERCIAL NAME SERVICE PART NUMBER U.S. SERVICE PART GEAR OIL (QUARTS) XT-4-QGL XT-4-QGL FULL SYNTHETIC MANUAL. The automatic transmission differential uses the same fluid as the manual transmissions and takes about 0.8 liter (0.85 quart). Tighten up the drain plug to 22 ft-lb (30 Nm). In many cases, generic transmission gear oil that meets or exceeds SAE 75W90 will suffice perfectly fine.. Porsche 997: How to Change Manual Transmission Fluid. When was the last time your 997's transmission fluid was replaced? You might want to replace it more frequently than specified in the factory recommendations, especially if you are attending track days..

If you drive a vehicle with a stick shift, you might wonder if automatic transmission fluid will work in your manual transmission. For instance, say you own a 1991 Ford Ranger. You might wonder if you can use Dextron-III/Ford Mercon multipurpose automatic transmission (ATF) instead of motor oil.. * Based on a survey of over 250,000 Valvoline Instant Oil Change℠ customers annually. (1) Based on survey of Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, Kia, Lexus and BMW dealership national average pricing. Average savings on automatic transmission fluid exchange, radiator fluid exchange, differential, air filter and fuel system cleaning services ranges from 20% to 50%.. This time it’s the manual transmission fluid and the differential fluid. They are one in the same. It is a 75w90 GL-4 gear oil. That satisfies Mazda’s requirements perfectly. I’ve used it in my Miatas for 10 years and have always been happy with it. When I saw the oil spec was the same on the 3 as on the Miata, I didn’t even.

Dec 01, 2008  · What is the best Manual Transmission Fluid? Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by This is pretty thin fluid already and is used specifically because it is more efficient than the 80 weight gear oil that used to be used in manual tranny's. As for brands, you want to go with the best extended life fluid because fluid breakdown will damage. Feb 01, 2013  · Rio manual transmission fluid change. Hi, I have a 2006 Kia Rio with the 1.6 engine (Canadian specs). I have a 5 speed manual transmission and I want to change the tranny fluid with 75W90 synthetic oil. I hope it improves the shifting, as I find it a little bit rough. Also, it gets pretty cold here during winter (-25 degrees C) so it may help. Normally, its GL-4 or GL-5 gear oil for manual cars. 4-Speed Gearbox Honda recommends SAE 10W-30 or 10W-40 motor oil for their manual Civic in case you don’t have original Honda manual transmission oil..

Specially formulated to meet the demanding requirements of manual transmissions found in high-torque, heavy-duty line-haul trucks and other commercial applications. Its synthetic base stocks and premium additives help reduce gear and bearing wear, improve shifting and extend transmission life throughout drain intervals of up to 500,000 miles/five years.. Mar 27, 2017  · Both the manual and DDCT use the 68092630AA 75W transmission fluid in the gear box of the trans. ONLY the DDCT clutch fluid reservoir uses the 68092638AA 75W hydraulic fluid. Please note the last numeric digit in the part numbers are different..

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